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The Choir II: Boys Don't Sing

Still from Boys Don't Sing

The Choir II: The Choir II: Boys Don't Sing

First broadcast: BBC, 2007

Following the success of Gareth's first series of The Choir, a second series was commissioned, The Choir II: Boys Don't Sing, which broadcast in 2008

Gareth goes to work as a teacher in the Lancaster School, an all-boys' school in Leicester, UK. The school has no previous tradition of choral music making; singing in school assembly was abandoned in the 1970s, and most of the boys who attend think singing is definitely best left for girls. Gareth's mission is to found a school choir and to dispel the myth that "boys don't sing".

Faced with a school of unwilling teenage boys who have no interest in choral music, Gareth sets himself a goal of forming a 100-strong all-boys' choir performing on stage at the Schools' Prom concert in the Royal Albert Hall, alongside the best school choirs in the UK. As well as having to win over the pupils, Gareth has to gain the trust of fellow teachers and deal with the day-to-day duties of being a teacher as he tries to drive through his ambitious plans.

The series culminates in a hugely successful performance of Stand by Me, performed by the boys of the Lancaster School in the Royal Albert Hall.

Boys don't Sing? Oh yes they do!


BAFTA award
  • Awarded a BAFTA at the British Academy Television Awards for Best Feature
  • 2009 Broadcast Awards - winner, Best Popular Factual Programme

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