Still from Extraordinary School for Boys

Extraordinary School for Boys

First broadcast: BBC, 2010
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Extraordinary School For Boys is an ambitious three-part series in which Gareth Malone joins the staff at Pear Tree Mead Primary School in Essex. His mission is to re-engage boys who don't like school and who, like many across Britain, lag behind their female peers. Gareth works with a cross-section of 11-year-old boys, from sporty jocks to secret swots.

Based on the most recent educational research, Gareth introduces his pupils to the concepts of unbridled competition, risk and adventure. His aim is to harness the power of boisterous behaviour and challenge the boys' apparent aversion to standing out from the crowd so that they feel more confident about aiming for better grades.

Extraordinary School For Boys is part of the 2010 BBC Two School Season.

If school feels like a place where boys can take risks and push themselves and really challenge themselves, then they'll be more engaged.

Gareth Malone


  • Gareth has written a piece about this show on the BBC TV Blog - he muses on school, authority and self-belief in boys.
  • The BBC's Newsnight programme interviewed Gareth about Extraordinary School For Boys - watch this interview now.
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