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Sing While You Work

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Sing While You Work

First broadcast: BBC, 2012

Choirmaster Gareth Malone wants to get staff in some of Britain's busiest workplaces singing while they work.

Travelling across the country, he sets out to create four unique choirs in four very different organisations which will then sing head to head in a contest to find his best workplace choir:

Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust

At Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust in London, Gareth sets up the first of his four choirs from the doctors, nurses and porters at one of London’s busiest hospitals. But as the staff come together, the song Gareth chooses for them to sing, proves challenging in a way that he isn’t expecting.

Royal Mail

Gareth heads west to the Royal Mail in Bristol. He wants to create the second of four choirs that will compete in the nationwide contest to find his best workplace choir.  As he searches for hidden talent amongst the managers and posties from across the region, the initial reaction from staff is quite mixed. But as the choir begin to bond through rehearsals, Gareth discovers an enormous sense of pride in the workforce and the song he chooses for the choir to sing hits the right note.

Manchester Airport

Gareth travels to Manchester to create his third choir amongst  baggage handlers, security staff, air traffic control and the fire crew of  Manchester Airport. With the staff more used to singing karaoke than choral music, things get off to a bumpy start but, as Gareth begins his search for a soloist, he discovers hidden talent in unexpected places and the choir is soon ready for takeoff. 

Severn Trent Water

Gareth Malone continues his mission in the midlands where he sets up his final choir in one of the country’s largest water companies, Severn Trent Water. Once formed, the choir will sing against three other workplace choirs as they compete for the chance to be crowned Gareth’s Best Workplace Choir. With over five thousand call centre staff and over five hundred workmen, dealing with everything from raw sewage and finding leaks, finding thirty people to make up the choir appears easy.  But as staff struggling to juggle family commitments and busy work schedules, things aren't plain sailing and Gareth begins to feel the pressure.