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Following on from the success of his 2012 series, Sing While You Work, choirmaster Gareth Malone tours Britain's workplaces to find the best singers and to form choirs. He puts the staff from five organisations through their choral paces as they tackle the giants of the choral tradition in an effort to be named the best workplace choir.

As the contest to be crowned "best workplace choir" begins, the novice choirs from P&O, Birmingham City Council, Sainsbury's, Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service and Citi tackle the giants of the choral tradition and face a brand new line-up of world class judges.

P&O Ferries

Gareth sets sail with P&O, the UK's longest-running cross-Channel ferry service. With choir members based at sea and on both sides of the English Channel, can Gareth create a musical entente cordiale?

Birmingham City Council

Gareth travels to Birmingham to the biggest local council in Europe. He discovers a singing traffic warden, a social worker soloist and a high-pitched gardener. With the next round of government cuts announced mid-rehearsals, some choir members may not have jobs at the end of the year.


Gareth checks out the talent at supermarket giant, Sainsbury's. When the choir's deepest bass breaks cover with his passion for Dolly Parton will the head office high flyers and the shop and depot workers finally sing with one voice, united by the Queen of country?

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Bells and blue lights disrupt auditions but when rehearsals finally get underway Gareth tries to give the backroom staff the confidence to stand tall and be heard amidst the firefighters who attack choral singing with all sirens blaring.


Gareth Malone enters the embattled world of high finance, high flyers and rock bottom reputation at one of the biggest investment and trading banks in the world, Citi, in London's Canary Wharf. Imagining long lunches and cigars, he finds himself in a lockdown during an anti-capitalist protest, learns how many noughts there are in a trillion and creates his most musically accomplished workplace choir yet. When the bankers choose to sing Man In The Mirror could it signal a moment of reflection or will they drive on with technical ambition and ignore Gareth's attempts to find some heart?





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